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Alexandra Burgaretta

VA and CEO Work Relationship: How to Make It Work

Are you planning to hire a Virtual Assistant, but you don’t know how to manage an employee working remotely? Or maybe you have one on board already, but things are not working with both of you. In this blog, let’s delve into Alexandra Burgaretta’s experience on how she and her VA worked together to be able to grow her business. 

The birth of Espresso Accounting

Though COVID-19 had brought economic crisis, Alexandra turned the table and entered the business world. From being a manager in an accounting firm, she started her business, Espresso Accounting. It is a mobile boutique accounting practice based in Gold Coast. 

It was challenging for her to run her own business, but she also finds it incredibly rewarding. Her business gave her the opportunity not only to earn a living, but also the break to have control over her own life.

Espresso Accounting, though it just started a few years ago, made a lot of progress. From having only seven clients, it grew to more than a hundred clients, which made Alexandra’s revenue more than double than before. Though her business is already making headway in its first few years, it wasn’t smooth sailing. It was a challenge to her to do all the tasks all by herself. She was drowning in admin work. It was then she decided to hire a VA and delegate the admin work so she can be the CEO of her own business.

Alex Burgaretta
Alexandra Burgaretta with her espresso

Stepping into the shoes of a CEO

When Alexandra decided to hire a Virtual Assistant, that’s when she also stopped playing small and started to step into the shoes of a CEO. Her game plan was to free herself up by delegating mundane tasks to her VA in order for her to focus on more important tasks. 

In an interview with Francesca Moi, CEO of Empowering Virtual Solutions, Alexandra shared how delegating tasks to her VA helped her to become a more credible business owner.

“I didn’t really have time for anything else in my business besides getting through the work. Having her there has created that visibility for my business and given me credibility as a business owner. So I can be that industry leader, so I can be that person, the go to person in my industry.” 

Investment of time: Slow down to go fast

One of the concerns of some business owners for not hiring a VA is that they don’t have time to train someone. Even Alexandra was hesitant to hire a VA at first. She wanted a break from managing people after having been a manager in her previous firm, but she knew that she couldn’t really grow her business if she was spending all of her time doing admin work, and not being able to meet with her clients or do productive work that would be billable.

“You have to invest the time for them to grow and learn what your expectations are, what you actually need, how you work, what your brand is, they’re not going to know that they’re not psychic, you need to actually train them and spend the time and I see it as an investment of time.  

I think you’re not going to grow your business until you invest in it. So, I think it’s an investment in getting rid of the things that you don’t need to be doing so that you can spend more time on the value-added money-making tasks in your business. Because if you’re spending fifty percent of your time, like me, doing admin or social media, instead of actually networking and reaching out to prospective clients, you’re not going to grow your business, so you need to free yourself up to be able to grow.” 

Spending time training your VA is a long-term investment. It requires time and patience, but it will save you time in the long run. This is the part when you have to slow down to go fast. 

Communication is key

Communication is key to successful delegation. Regular communication ensures both the VA and the CEO are on the same page and allows them to discuss ongoing projects, clarify doubts, provide feedback and to address any concerns promptly. Scheduling daily check-in sessions is a great way to avoid getting your wires crossed. 

It also builds a great relationship and connection between the VA and the CEO. Taking the time to get to know your virtual assistant and show appreciation for his work can help to create a sense of loyalty and motivation to continue doing great work for your business. 

As for Alexandra, she made it a priority to communicate with her VA daily.

“The first month was really critical in terms of building rapport. I know that it wasn’t compulsory, but I made it a priority to have a scheduled Zoom call every single morning. And it’s just to maintain that rapport and to talk about what’s happening in our lives. And what we did on the weekend.” 

Alex Burgaretta

Her VA is her Unicorn

In the interview, Alexandra shared how grateful she is for having her VA on board and what are the accomplishments she made after that.

“I wasn’t even on Instagram before (last year). So, now I’m on Instagram and without her support, I couldn’t have started publishing my own podcast, the Freedom Fridays Movement on Spotify.” 
“I also was able to earn an award in my industry last year as the industry leader of the year, because of that podcast. And I tell you why, if I was the one trying to publish or edit a podcast and post it on social media, it would be a nightmare.” 

“I was going to say the biggest win for me, obviously, being an accountant was that she already had bookkeeping experience. So, I was able to hand off all of my internal bookkeeping to her so I could focus on making money through my clients work. So, she’s definitely a unicorn and she knows bookkeeping, too.” 

“My VA is one of the most beautiful human beings I’ve ever met. And I’m so grateful to know her.” 

Hire a VA: Why and How

Hiring a virtual assistant can help you save time, money, and energy, which you can reallocate toward aspects of your business that need your personal touch. Not only can you grow your business by focusing on more important tasks, but you can also have a work-life balance while being the CEO of your own business. 

Virtual assistants can work on various tasks depending on your business needs and the industry you’re in, including administrative, social media management, eCommerce, customer service, content creation, video editing and more. They can provide inexpensive yet invaluable services to your company, allowing your operations to reduce cost.  

The crucial part is finding the right virtual assistant for you. And that’s where the Empowering Virtual Solution comes in.  

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