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Francesca Moi

Founder/Owner of Empowering Virtual Solution

I know what it’s like to dream of being a successful life coach. But when I first tried? I earned a total of $120 bucks in my first year!

And I did NOT want to go back and get a job!

So, I created my Marketing Academy, a program helping coaches step up and fulfil their passion using the same strategies I used myself.

I couldn’t believe how quickly things not just turned around, but took off!

I’ve since developed a love for helping my clients use social media to grow their businesses (way better than slaving away 1:1).

In under 3.5 years, I created a million-dollar business that has helped over 450 business owners.

I then took on the best VAs I could find, ensured their training was up to date, and trained over 200 VAs for my clients…

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Scale Your Business to the Next Level

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Our VAs help you scale your business
and change lives in the process…

It might sound like a dream… but I can guarantee you it’s the reality we create for business owners just like you, every day!

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What clients are saying about us


I have an absolutely AMAZING VA. I can not praise her highly enough. Only 5 months in, and what Jen has done for me in this short time is mind boggling. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and work ethics are top notch. Thanks to EVS for finding Jen for me and for their ongoing guidance and support in showing her ways to build my business. Best decision I have made for HealthyBones4us.


I have 2 beautiful VAs in my team that EVS helped me with. Both are highly skilled and an absolute asset to my business. I definitely would not have reached the 6 figure business results I'm achieving if it wasn't for making this business decision. Thanks for the great support EVS.

Elizabeth Elenor

A big thank you to Fran and her team for the opportunity to connect me with my incredible VA. I was feeling very fearful to make that financial commitment and thinking my foundations weren't quite set yet. What an amazing experience it has been so far.

Nadine Koehler

I love working with the amazing team at Empowering Virtual Solutions. I can trust that they always have my back and go out of their way to support my business. 🤩 🤩 🤩 !!

Angela Cortigiani

1 year with my VA today – all I can say is AMAZING.

Sharon Veness

We welcomed our VA, Ada, to our team in May 2023, and she has been a godsend! 🤩 We have doubled our clients in the time she has been with us, and we are now positioned to take on a second VA. We highly recommend FM and her team for their guidance and support in the process of building and growing their business.

Tasha Tibballs


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