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Lorna’s Realisation After Hiring Her First VA For Her Business


Lorna is an amazing Author and the Owner of the Australian Tapping Institute. Her greatest passion is to help women to heal their past, take back their power, and let their confidence shine through.

She is already a successful business owner on her own but when she hired her first Virtual Assistant from Empowering Virtual Solution, she never looked back!

Despite being a successful woman, Lorna enrolled herself in Sold Out Business Academy (S.O.B.A.) and joined the Empowering Virtual Solution founded by Francesca Moi.

A One-woman-team

In her business, she gets a lot of students coming in. It was a good pace, but she did not realise how disorganised she was until she got her virtual assistant from Empowering Virtual Solution (EVS). Lorna thought that she was doing good in her business since she was earning that good amount of numbers already.

To keep this business in a good space, she spends a lot of time getting her files organised and market her programs, she’ll be up as early as three o’clock in the morning doing all of these in social media. By doing these stuffs, Lorna gets exhausted and thought that she cannot continue with this anymore.

A photo of Lorna with francesca Moi, the founder of Empowering Virtual Solution and Empowering Events.

The Game Changer

Lorna cannot stop what she was doing for her business and at that moment, she knew she needed some help, so she decided to hire her Virtual Assistant from her coach, Francesca Moi, VA Agency.

This decision is definitely a GAME CHANGER for Lorna. The virtual assistant she hired knows how and what to help in her business. She only has to walkthrough her VA around her business and if the VA doesn’t know about some things, she takes the initiative to find out what to do, and comes back to Lorna then they can discuss what needs to be done.

Her Virtual Assistant’s name is Leslie. Leslie has helped Lorna to be organised and consistent when it comes to data filing and gaining traction on social media platforms so her business can be consistently visible to potential clients. They also both came up with a structure for the business, for example, Leslie can repurpose live videos of Lorna by transcribing it and use it to make new contents to post on social media platforms not just for the day but even weeks in advance. Leslie can prepare posts for the week or two from the transcriptions of the live videos and Lorna just have to check and approve it. Simple as that!

The Dream Team​

Above statements are just some of the many things Lorna’s VA can do to her business. Leslie makes Lorna’s life a lot easier than before and Lorna has got her time back and not just spend all of it in her business. The VA knows how to do it all but of course, still with Lorna’s guidance. They make sure that they work as a team.

This will not be possible without the help of a successful Academy and Agency of Francesca Moi. Francesca makes sure that her clients’ businesses are on the right path at the same time, she highly trains the virtual assistants with her team before handing them over to the clients. The company has tools and modules for both client and the virtual assistant so they can work better together and be the best team that they can be!

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