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Get our Highly Trained VAs To Scale Your Business to the Next Level

… and do it with confidence, because we have trained them to provide exactly the kind of service you need!

“I’m in major gratitude today for my VA Gilda. She absolutely kicked goals the past month coming up with ideas and writing texts for posts to promote my event last night. After an event with only 2 people last month, we had 17 non-sheep registered and 12 attended last night. We’ve only been working together for 2 months and I’m amazed and thankful for how much I can rely on her to support me and my business. ❤️”

Erin Hardy

Stop doing everything alone and say“goodbye” to stress and time-wasting!

We know what it’s like trying to piece everything together, because we created the system! The VAs we have recruited and trained have the skills to take care of the high-quality tasks that are exactly suited to the system you are building.

With our Virtual Assistant Game-Changer Call, we’ll identify what tasks you are doing at the moment that you can delegate, talk about where you are in your business (to make sure the missing link is indeed a VA), and help you understand what type of VA to hire first. Having somebody completely committed to the success of your business is a true game-changer.

Our VAs help you scale your business and change lives in the process…

It might sound like a dream… but I can guarantee you it’s the reality we create for business owners just like you, every day!

Right now?

You’re alone in your business…

You’re the one doing all the tasks and wasting time that should be delegated to an assistant. It’s not just costing you the kind of work-life balance that will save your sanity, it’s also costing you $5000 – $30,000 in missing revenue every month. Delegate the mundane tasks to one of our VAs so that you can see that revenue comes in, have someone to support your ideas, and finally create the work-life balance you deserve.
You’re afraid to let go of control, or struggle to find the right person to take those tasks off your hand…
Because we know exactly what it takes to build your system, we know how to train your VA. We’ll match you to the perfect assistant for you – right now we have over 90 happily employed VAs with a 2-year average employment rate, and we’ve scaled 75+ businesses with the support of our VAs! So, we’ll work hard to find a VA you can truly trust to get you where you need to be.
You’re struggling to stay on-top of system updates…
And you’re sick and tired of the dreadful training you need to constantly learn to do so… Our Virtual Assistants stay up-to-speed with these updates and changes as professionals in Social Media Marketing, Admin/Marketing Tasks and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) so you don’t have to be!
You’re getting no one at your events which means $0 from workshops…
Because you have no time to work on promoting your workshops, there’s no way people will show up! By having a VA to take some of that load away and help with that promotion, you won’t have to worry about hosting a workshop for a total of 0 people. You’ll start running workshops to a bunch of excited clients that are ready to build your revenue!


Francesca Moi

FOUNDER/OWNER of Empowering Virtual Solutions
I know what it’s like to dream of being a successful life coach. But when I first tried? I earned a total of $120 bucks in my first year!

And I did NOT want to go back and get a job!
So, I created my Marketing Academy, a program helping coaches step up and fulfill their passion using the same strategies I used myself.

I couldn’t believe how quickly things not just turned around, but took off!
I’ve since developed a love for helping my clients use social media to grow their businesses (way better than slaving away 1:1).
In under 3.5 years, I created a million-dollar business that has helped over 450 business owners.
I then took on the best VAs I could find, ensured their training was up to date, and trained over 200 VAs for my clients…


What clients are saying about us

I have an absolutely AMAZING VA. I can not praise her highly enough. Only 5 months in, and what Jen has done for me in this short time is mind boggling. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and work ethics are top notch. Thanks to EVS for finding Jen for me and for their ongoing guidance and support in showing her ways to build my business. Best decision I have made for HealthyBones4us.


I love working with the amazing team at Empowering Virtual Solutions. I can trust that they always have my back and go out of their way to support my business. 🤩 🤩 🤩 !!
Angela Cortigiani
I have 2 beautiful VAs in my team that EVS helped me with. Both are highly skilled and an absolute asset to my business. I definitely would not have reached the 6 figure business results I’m achieving if it wasn’t for making this business decision. Thanks for the great support EVS.

Elizabeth Elenor

Frame 123
1 year with my VA today – all I can say is AMAZING.

Sharon Veness

A big thank you to Fran and her team for the opportunity to connect me with my incredible VA. I was feeling very fearful to make that financial commitment and thinking my foundations weren’t quite set yet. What an amazing experience it has been so far.

Nadine Koehler

We welcomed our VA, Ada, to our team in May 2023, and she has been a godsend! 🤩 We have doubled our clients in the time she has been with us, and we are now positioned to take on a second VA. We highly recommend FM and her team for their guidance and support in the process of building and growing their business.

Tasha Tibballs

Our VAs are there to do the work for you. No more wasting time on admin, system-training, stressing-out over working on your business when your business should be working for you.
You’ll get back the revenue you deserve and get on top of your work-life balance, with someone to bounce ideas off, who’s up to speed with system updates and can truly be trusted to work on your business while you focus on scaling it.

They are trained in...

Social Media Marketing
Social Media is essential for your business as it’s a way to expand your network and reach your ideal clients.
Our VAs are trained to:
  • Create events on your Page and Groups
  • Understand theme days and hashtags for Facebook Groups
  • Manage the community
  • Transcribe Lives and YT videos
Admin / Marketing Tasks
Our VAs are trained to:
  • Create reports/store files
  • Manage & Schedule Calendar and Zoom
  • Create Forms (release Forms, Name Tags, Attendee Lists)
  • Market research to attract and grow your following
  • Respond to client emails
CRM (Customer Relationship Management System)
Your CRM lets you store customer and prospect contact information, identify sales opportunities, record service issues and manage marketing campaigns, all in one central location.
  • Generate CRM and sales reports
  • Maintain CRM
  • Based on skills and experience, maintain your website

Just imagine the relief…

When you release that tight grip of thinking you’re the only person who can do “that task” and relax into the support of your perfectly-matched, trained-for-your-process VA, you’ll find relief you may never have imagined.
Sure, we love what we do. But it’s too easy to get used to feeling close to burnout. It becomes addictive and we can start to forget what life is like when every second isn’t consumed by work.
I’ve met business owners who really didn’t know who they’d be if they weren’t “always on”.
But that’s not healthy in the long term, and the reality is that it’s highly likely you are losing significant revenue by trying to do it all yourself.
I know exactly the “but what if?” that is running through your mind. I know the fear of commitment 🙂
But I also know what it’s like on the other side.
When I learned to let go… when I learned to trust that my VAs were genuinely invested in the success of my business, and when I created the training processes that put the fuel under our events marketing system… everything changed.
I’m here to share a little tough love… trust the process. Book the call. Experience how it feels (and the high that comes from seeing your events filling up!) when you work with your VA.

They are trained in...

I built the system that helps you fill your events, and because I know exactly what is needed, it allowed me to create the perfectly-matched VA training. There’s nowhere else in the world where you can access valuable support from a VA who possesses the suite of skills to fill your events, using your system, out of the gate.
We match you with a VA trained to your needs, who lives in a timezone that suits your workday – most of our VAs are in the Philippines which means the workflow fits nicely. There’s nothing worse than having to calculate a schedule for every task, wondering if it will be done on time for your event! You’ll have the backup of a VA who’s there, right when you need them.
Your VA cost is designed to fit into your budget and events-filling system. When you schedule your call we will make sure to match you with a VA who is priced to suit the hours you are ready to claim back. It’s the most cost-effective method available when you blend our training, their ready-to-go quality skillset and the system you’ll plug them into.
We honour our VAs and we honour the work you’ve done to come this far. To do that it’s important to only spend time getting to know a VA when you recognise that this relationship brings genuine growth to your revenue, and will be right by your side as you scale up. We work with a three-month minimum, followed by a month-to-month arrangement.

Are you ready to back yourself and
feel the freedom (and relief) that comes with the right support?

We’re ready to help!