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Tasha Tibballs

Dynamic Duos: The Secret Sauce Behind Their Success

Tasha and Brendan Tibballs

In a world that thrives on collaboration and innovation, the concept of a successful duo has proven time and again to be a powerful force driving achievements across various industries. The synergy between two individuals can elevate one’s business to unprecedented success. But even with combined efforts, it can start to feel a little overwhelming too. How did this duo get past that? In this blog post, we shed light on how Tasha and Brendan Tiballs made a game-changing solution that contributed to their business’ success.

Tasha and Brendan, a long-time couple with over 15 years of experience, shared a passion for media, design, marketing, advertising, and customer service. The scope of their business includes providing social media, websites, lead generation, email, automated systems, and email marketing services to their clients. You could say this couple is truly a one-stop shop. They started the business during COVID and for them, it was a tough time to kick off a new business. But rather than succumbing to uncertainty, they saw an opportunity to channel their expertise into something impactful. Fuelled by their passion for helping small to medium businesses thrive in the digital age, they decided to launch a digital scaling agency.

With businesses transitioning to remote work and consumers spending more time online, Tasha and Brendan recognised the growing importance of a robust online presence. They were able to build their own strong online presence and were considered trusted advisors in the digital marketing space.

Through determination, Tasha and Brendan’s agency started gaining traction. But with success come challenges. Being parents of two beautiful children, they strive for the best for their family but wanted to grow their business at the same time. Soon enough, they got to the point where they felt it was a little overwhelming and thought they probably needed some help along the way.

In an interview hosted by Francesca Moi, a Business Advisor and Mindset Coach of Empowering Virtual Solution, they mentioned that there were times when there was all this work that was not getting done. As Brendan said,

“…there’s all this work that’s not getting done or having to stay up until midnight every night but you’ve got such a big day the next day or you’ve got meetings, but you’ve got work that needs to be done as well.”

Soon enough, they found themselves meeting with Francesca who also recruits and trains Virtual Assistants to provide support for fellow business owners. One day, they sat down and filled out Francesca’s VA 100-item checklist, and before they knew it, they had 40 hours’ worth of work that they could allocate to their chosen Virtual Assistant. As a result, they were able to get their precious time back.

As Brendan mentioned in the interview,

“By taking that time off, it effectively allowed us to be more in the sales role and bring the business through the door, meeting the new clients, getting out, and doing face-to-face meetings and networking.”

Being the successful duo that they are, they still work extremely hard but allowing themselves to pass along 40 hours a week and focus more on building their business was like a breath of fresh air for these two.

Aside from that, they were able to put more time into their family which is their main focus and drive behind being able to provide a life with financial freedom.

With a weight lifted off their shoulders, Tasha and Brendan had the mental space to strategically plan for the future. The partnership with their Virtual Assistants enabled them to envision long-term goals, develop comprehensive business plans, and position their ventures for sustained success. Both were awed by the sheer efficiency their Virtual Assistants brought to the table. In the interview, Tasha spoke highly to one of their Virtual Assistants, Ada.

“Ada has allowed us to be a lot more confident. Because we’ve put ourselves in a position where we have all those procedures in place. And we are super confident in Ada’s abilities, and obviously, the fact that we can work with an external staff member. But to us, she’s part of the team.”

For this duo, being able to grow with their Virtual Assistant is the main key to their success. Brendan mentioned that as soon as they got Ada on, their business just blew up, and having her there gives them the support and the confidence to say, in his words, “I know the work is getting done.”

At the same time, as CEOs of their thriving business, they also wanted to continue learning and growing themselves. As a result, they are constantly on the lookout for extra advice, training, and mentorships from their fellow business owners.

This dynamic duo’s relationship with their Virtual Assistants extended beyond the realm of business. They both realised that their Virtual Assistants were integral to their successes and acknowledged them as part of their family who contributed to the growth of their dreams.

By embracing the power of delegation and partnering with a virtual assistant, Brendan and Tasha were able to unlock new levels of success for their business. Their story highlights the importance of clear communication, creating procedures, and implementing a reward system while also emphasising the significance of choosing the right outsourcing provider like Empowering Virtual Solution. With their newfound success, Brendan and Tasha now hired another Virtual Assistant to help and support Ada (their VA) and to focused more on continuously learning and growing, ensuring their business thrives and their goals are well within reach.

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