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Success Stories: CEOs Who Achieved Business Growth with Virtual Assistants

In the journey of life and business, there are certain moments that leave a mark, imparting invaluable lessons that shape our perspectives and approaches. One such lesson is beautifully captured by the statement, “I think the biggest learning is to go with the program. What you think you know is not what you need to do.” These words resonate with the experiences of entrepreneurs who have witnessed extraordinary growth by embracing change and exploring new avenues. One such remarkable story is that of Sharon Veness, a Transpersonal Art Therapist and the Founder and CEO of Sharon Veness Art Therapy.

Before the pandemic, Sharon’s art classes were a resounding success, generating a steady income of approximately $7,000 per month. Her art classes were unlike anything traditional; they had the power to transform people through art, making a profound impact on her clients. However, when COVID-19 struck, the world came to a halt, and so did Sharon’s thriving business. The inability to serve her clients in person due to the pandemic was a devastating blow. In the face of adversity, Sharon refused to give up. She sought guidance and joined Sold Out Business Academy aka “M.A.F.I.A. Academy” to find new ways to navigate through the crisis. This decision proved to be a pivotal moment in her entrepreneurial journey. Under the guidance of the S.O.B.A. Academy, Sharon began implementing a series of strategies aimed at reaching her target audience and continuing her transformative art workshops.
  1. Creating a Meetup Group: To connect with local art enthusiasts and like-minded individuals, Sharon created a Meetup group. This allowed her to expand her network and attract potential clients interested in her unique approach to art therapy.
  2. Establishing a Facebook Group: Understanding the significance of online communities, Sharon created a Facebook group where she could engage with a broader audience, share her expertise, and build a community around her art therapy mission.
  3. Harnessing the Power of Social Media: Sharon stepped up her online presence, embracing various social media platforms, including engaging in live sessions. This approach allowed her to showcase her passion, expertise, and dedication, resonating with a broader audience.
  4. Conducting Workshops: Sharon took her art therapy workshops online, adapting to the new normal. These workshops provided individuals from different parts of the world with an opportunity to experience her transformative art therapy sessions.
The results were astounding! Sharon’s commitment and innovative strategies paid off, and her business began to thrive once again. By leveraging the power of online platforms and adapting to the changing landscape, Sharon achieved a staggering $9,500 per month! In just three months, she generated an impressive $20,000 solely from her workshops. This remarkable success is a testament to her unwavering passion and the effectiveness of the strategies she implemented. Recently, Sharon celebrated her first work anniversary with her virtual assistant (VA), marking a moment of triumph and accomplishment. As her business witnessed phenomenal growth, Sharon couldn’t be prouder of her team and the acknowledgement and appreciation she shares with her VA. This milestone is a testament to the power of collaboration and effective team management. Sharon’s journey is a perfect example of the untapped potential that lies within a well-managed business. Despite having setbacks, Sharon realised that there were still avenues to explore and heights to conquer. Taking a leap of faith, she decided to bring a VA onto her team, hoping for growth but unsure of the magnitude it would bring. The decision to embrace change and delegate tasks allowed Sharon to focus on her core strengths, while her VA efficiently handled various operational and marketing aspects, leading to newfound success and achievements. Beyond trust and delegation, Sharon emphasises the importance of effective communication and consistency. These two elements play a crucial role in ensuring that the entire team is on the same page and working towards common goals. Regular communication ensures that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities, while consistency builds a strong foundation for the business to thrive. Sharon Veness’s journey as a Transpersonal Art Therapist and entrepreneur showcases the transformative power of trust, delegation, effective communication, and consistency. Celebrating her first work anniversary with her VA, she stands tall amidst the phenomenal growth her business has achieved. Embracing change and going with the program has led to success. So, the next time you contemplate expanding your business or taking a leap, remember Sharon’s story – the story of growth through collaboration and unwavering determination.

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